January 18, 2019 Ashley Miller

How to Check TSA Line Wait Time Before Leaving For the Airport

With the government temporarily shut down, many travelers are wondering how this is affecting TSA lines at the airport.  After all, CNN reports that nearly 800,000 government workers may be affected by this shutdown and that includes some TSA employees.  So, should you worry that the airport you’re traveling out of will incur a long wait?  Have no fear, Travel Machine is here to help guide you in how to check TSA lines before you even leave home.

TSA line wait times can be unpredictable even on a good day and yes there’s an app for that:

  1. The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) provides an app on wait times at airports. Simply download the TSA app from the app store on your mobile device.  Enter the airport you’re interested in checking out and you’ll be able to figure out when to leave for the airport so that you make your flight.
  2. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) also has an app that you can download to check wait times for border crossings.
  3. Some airports also have their own security wait times on their website. Simply check their official website at least 4 hours before you leave home since airlines recommend a 2-hour check-in time on a good day anyway.

The apps are not error proof, of course, but they will give you a close enough estimate of how much time you should allow yourself to get through security before your flight or drive to your destination.


If you haven’t booked your travel yet and still considering the best possible times of day to travel, you can also use the apps. For example, the “Plan for your Trip” feature gives you the ability to click the time and date you’re planning to travel, and it will show you a graph with a breakdown of average wait times throughout that day of the week.  It is handy to have.

After reading this article, you’re still wondering if the USA government shut down will affect your travel plans then please give us a call.  We are here to help you have a great time on your trip from beginning to end!

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