July 17, 2018 Ashley Miller

#TravelTuesday- Consultant Spotlight- Tricia R.

It’s #TravelTuesday! Today’s travel consultant feature is Tricia Romero!

How long have you worked in the travel industry?

  • 6 years

What do you do when you’re not traveling?

  • My 2 children keep me busy. I also work with my husband, Dr. Jeremy Romero who is a chiropractor. We have our own business in Abbeville.

What’s your favorite destination?

  • Santorini, Greece

What’s on your travel bucket list?

  • Australia & Croatia

Travel related specialties?

  • Disney, Hawaii, and the Caribbean

What is the most interesting trip you’ve planned for a client?

  • A trip to Europe (they started in Rome, Vatican City, then did a 9-night cruise in the Mediterranean) Ephesus in Turkey was on that itinerary, which is where Mary lived for a short time. They also visited the first Olympic stadium in Athens, Greece. They were able to visit 4 countries in 2 weeks.

A memory that stands out to from booking travel? 

  • When Hurricane Maria hit the islands and I had a group of clients that were headed to St. Thomas that I was able to help them get refunded for their bookings.

You can contact Tricia for your next vacation!!  (337)-517-3873  – tricia@travelmachine.net

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