February 25, 2019 Ashley Miller

#TravelTuesday- Consultant Spotlight- Cat T.

It’s #TravelTuesday! Today’s travel consultant feature is Cat Terrebonne!

Cat graciously offers her services to create the perfect tour for families, friends, students, special occasions, corporate seminars, incentives & much more!! She currently works full-time as a Travel Specialist and “Group Guru” entering her 21st year of successfully planning, operating & escorting trips for all ages by creating strategic & customized adventures designed to be embedded into the minds of travelers for a lifetime. Changing the world..one trip at a time….

How long have you worked in the travel industry? 

  • I’ve been in the travel industry for 21 years. I love the personal interaction with clients, especially when educating them on details of places they’ve never been. I feel like each time I meed a new client, we instantly become friends and the comfort that they feel shows in their smile.

What do you do when you’re not traveling?

  • Playing in my fairy-rock garden with my granddaughter, Juliette.. oh .. and of course, researching & booking leisure travel for people of all ages.

What’s your favorite destination? 

  • Ireland, I’ve been to the North and South of this charming & enchanting island. The people, music, food, and landscape makes an adventure there very magical and memorable. I’m of Irish descent and feel a true connection when I’m visiting Ireland.

What’s on your travel bucket list? 

  • I want to see the Northern Lights. So a trip to Iceland or back to Alaska (in the winter). I also want to see more fantastic landmarks & landscapes in the USA. Mount Rushmore, Lake Tahoe & visit many wineries across our beautiful country.

Travel related specialties? 

  • I like to promote group travel because it is such a fun way to explore new destinations. Group participants develop new friendships along the way & everyone feels safe and well informed.

What’s the most interesting trip you’ve planned for a client? 

  • A group of ladies wanted to experience Europe in a month. This adventure included a cruise down the Rhine River, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Germany, Switzerland and a Tauck Tour of Italy. It was a trip of a lifetime!!

Traveling turns you into a storyteller. So once a year .. go somewhere you’ve never been & share your stories with others.

Contact Cat Terrebonne for your next vacation! (337) 981-7870 / cat@travelmachine.net


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