June 25, 2018 Ashley Miller

Why Smart Consumers Use a Travel Consultant

When it comes to planning a vacation, you need to answer the age-old question- do it all yourself or use a travel consultant? You could argue that doing it yourself would save money and time, but will it? Before you book that next trip, look at these real reasons why you should let us do the work for you!

Convenience: Your time is valuable and that means you shouldn’t have to spend it searching for the right vacation. Travel consultants offer the convenience of having all of the pieces pulled together for you. That includes your flight, accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, excursions, and everything in between! Most importantly, we take the guesswork out of all of these selections. We also have your back! If your flight is canceled or you didn’t get the room category you booked, you can count on your travel consultant to be there to get it corrected for you.

Personal Experience: Self-directed internet searches can come up with overwhelming amounts of information. Working with a consultant can offer insight and information accumulated over years of research and personal experience.

Saving Time & Money: You might be hesitant to work with a travel consultant because you think it costs too much money. The cost is the same whether you book it yourself online or we do the work for you. We also offer price matching. You can send us anything you find online and we can find that same exact thing and maybe a few added perks!

Connections: Travel Consultants have the best firsthand experience on the greatest resorts in the Caribbean for a honeymoon or any of your favorite destinations. We also have a contact at the resort property or hotel where we can notify them about any special requests, dietary needs, and room preferences. We want our clients to feel special when they travel, and we will do our best to help you get that early check-in, or upgrade when possible.

(Travel Experts Maegan & Kim on the inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas)

Personalization: You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Anyone can post anything they want and sometimes that good deal just might be too good to be true. When we are designing trips, we incorporate all personal experiences and relationships with the destinations. We highlight your unique likes and desires so you can get the vacation that you always dreamed of.

(Travel Expert Sue on the inaugural sailing of the Norwegian Bliss)

Keep Up to Date: Travel Consultants have access to a variety of tools that the average consumer doesn’t know about.  As time flies by, travel companies are offering more and more brands than ever before. It is our job to decipher the subtle differences and choose the right one to fit your requirements.


There is a lot of added value that consumers don’t even know about. When you work with a travel consultant, we take care of everything; from the moment you set foot in the destination to the moment you touch the group back home.  We find so much joy in creating tailor-made travel experiences for our clients. So here is a little reminder — remember us the next time you are ready to travel AND remember that travel makes an excellent gift!! (337) 981-7870 – info@travelmachine.net

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