December 14, 2018 Ashley Miller

How to Prepare for an International Flight

Flying is a necessary evil part of vacationing these days. Though, it doesn’t have to be as dreadful as you might think. We have flown quite a bit here at Travel Machine and have a few tips and tricks that will make the flight a little more bearable.

Before you fly: It starts even before you take off! Taking care of your health is an important aspect to remember before embarking on those long-haul flights. Don’t pull an all-nighter because losing sleep will weaken your immune system. Also, adding a little extra Vitamin-C to your diet won’t hurt either!

Keep yourself entertained: The sheer number of hours that you are going to be in the air can be intimidating. Make sure you are prepared beforehand so you won’t just be sitting twiddling your thumbs the entire flight. Check to make sure that your phone/tablet is fully charged before you take off. We always recommend taking along a good book and depending on the length of the flight, the airline should have a decent entertainment system filled with lots of movies and tv shows. Another way of keeping yourself entertained are podcasts! Podcasts have really exploded in recent years and become a great tool of entertainment. They can range anywhere from travel related to true crime to pop culture and pretty much any other subject you can think of!

Bring your essentials: If you are flying during the nighttime to get to your destination, you should absolutely try and sleep on the flight if you can. To help with this task, a sleep mask and neck pillow are some essentials that we recommend you bring.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!: It is sooo very important that you are drinking tons of water on your flight. Those long-haul flights will definitely dehydrate you which can lead to more exhaustion. The little plastic cups that they pass around won’t be enough, so we suggest either purchasing a large bottle of water in the airport (after security of course) or bringing an empty bottle and filling it up before you get on your flight.

Eat well….or as well as you can: Airplane food sucks. It just does. We suggest eating a big heathly-ish meal at the airport before getting on board, and then bringing a bunch of your favorite snacks with you.

If you are looking to plan an international trip in the near future, we would LOVE to help make your bucket list trip come to life!

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