February 14, 2019 Ashley Miller

Giving the Gift of Travel

We know that everyone is over the stress and anxiety that goes along with gift giving. In today’s society, what do you get someone that seemingly has everything already? We are always running around trying to Black Friday this and Cyber Monday that, or run ourselves ragged running around trying to find the perfect thing. When all you really end up with is just more “stuff”.

Maybe this year you can take a different approach to gift giving. Instead of giving a loved one something they may or may not bring joy, why not surprise them with something that doesn’t even require you to step foot in a mall or even wrapping anything!


These are the memories that will last a lifetime. Giving the gift of experience will make us happier than any physical gift could. Things will collect dust but the perfect day by the beach in St. Lucia, the gondola ride down a river in Venice, the shared bottle of wine at a random restaurant in Paris– those moments won’t ever be forgotten.

We hope this can inspire you with a few different ways this can come to life.

Gift a Getaway

These trips don’t have to be complicated. Pick a place within driving distance and get a few nights booked in that city or get a gift certificate for your loved one so that they can choose what works best for their schedule. If you are unsure of where they want to go just a generic travel gift certificate will work just fine!

Surprise them with a Custom Trip

If your idea is bigger and a little bit more complicated that is where our expert travel advisors come in! Working with one of our travel advisors allows you to give an impressive gift and avoid getting caught up in the planning process. There isn’t anyone on the planet that would not enjoy a meticulously mapped out vacation. You become a gift giving hero, and all it took was contacting the right person. And that person is here at Travel Machine!

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