July 31, 2018 Ashley Miller

Memorable Costa Rica Adventure


Our agent, Delia Kolb, had the opportunity to travel with Memorable Costa Rica and experience all that Costa Rica has to offer. Costa Rica is a nature lover’s dream filled with adventure, animals, and lush greenery. We recommend this destination for the adventurous or for someone who is looking for complete relaxation with natural wildlife. Costa Rica is known for its coffee, cattle, dairy, seafood and amazing fruity and natural juices. At every resort Delia stayed at, they were met with cool towels and great drinks that were made with natural fruit juices straight from the island.


Her trip started off in San Jose, where they headed off to have a comfortable stay at Grano de Oro Hotel, a small boutique hotel. They headed off to La Paz Waterfall and Gardens, which is part of a sanctuary for Costa Rica animals not fit for the wild. The whole group got a big dose of wildlife at the Gardens. That afternoon Delia had the opportunity to visit the Real Intercontinental Hotel for her last night stay in San Jose. The Real Intercontinental was Delia’s favorite hotel in the area.

Delia’s favorite resort in Costa Rica was the Tabacon Springs Resort in Mt. Arenal. The resort has lots of beautiful woodwork and is great for families with the activity center on the river with lots of water activities, tubing, rafting, hikes, horseback riding, and a small animal sanctuary. One of the biggest highlights of the resort is the acres and acres of extremely lush tropical gardens and natural spring waterfalls, pools and jacuzzis.  The rooms were huge and the balconies have rockings chairs and hammocks all with gorgeous views of the volcano.  The activities and wildlife in Mt. Arenal are endless! Delia had the opportunity to repel down a 120 ft waterfall with her fellow resort guests! While she says it was beautiful it is not for the faint of heart.


Rio Perdido was the next stop for Delia, which is just North of Palo Verde National Park. This resort offers complete relaxation in the middle of the jungle! You are guaranteed to see monkeys and many types of beautiful birds, along with many cool and warm pools along with natural springs and mud baths are what really draws everyone to this resort. The approach to the property is a little rustic with the last two miles of the journey being on a gravel road. Rio Perdido translates to “lost river”. Winding trails lead down to the river and several thermal pools.

The 5 Star Andaz Peninsula Papagallo resort located in Guanacaste beach. This resort is made up of amazing rooms and suites with showers that open straight to your balcony with ocean views. The spa sits on a black sand beach with many lush gardens to shade you from the heat of the sun. A high-end resort wonderful for honeymooners!


You can always count on Travel Machine to have the best first-hand knowledge about a destination because we get to experience it first for you! Make sure you contact Delia Kolb for more information about Costa Rica and for any of your vacation needs! delia@travelmachine.net


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