March 11, 2019 Ashley Miller

22 Ultimate Travel Experiences for your Bucket List

Where have you been? Start checking off here and adding new destinations!

  1. Australia: Cuddling a koala at the sanctuary
  2. United States: Hiking through a national park at sunrise
  3. Costa Rica: Sipping from a freshly cut coconut
  4. Ireland: Climbing the steps of an ancient castle
  5. Thailand: Walking in your ancestor’s footsteps through Wat Arun
  6. Vietnam: Sailing past towns & floating villages along the Mekong River
  7. Hawaii: Kissing as the sun sets in Maui
  8. Amsterdam: Stopping & smelling the tulips in Keukenhof Gardens
  9. Iceland: Seeing the Northern Lights for the first time
  10. Africa: Seeing the Serengeti from a hot air balloon
  11. France: Savoring French wines on your French balcony with French bread
  12. Galapagos: Getting up close & personal with penguins & tortoises
  13. Mexico: Melting your stress away with a beachside massage
  14. Tahiti: Watching the world go by from your over-the-water bungalow
  15. Hungary: Sailing past the parliament building in Budapest
  16. Jamaica: Dancing to steel drums on the beach
  17. Alaska: Snapping the perfect shot of a whale breaching
  18. Italy: Eating homemade pasta at a local restaurant
  19. Hong Kong: Taking in temples, trendy restaurants & art that blend heritage, religion & culture
  20. Croatia: Walking along the ancient city walls that protect Dubrovnik & its awe-inspiring beauty

  1. Walt Disney World: Capturing your kids’ face when they see Mickey for the first time
  1. Anywhere: Saving time & money with your Travel Machine expert Travel Advisor

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